Ana Ponyer if you get me star rider then i'll be your star rider friend. not begging for star rider here. but if you give me star rider then i'll be your star rider friend. i mean. what better gift to give? contact information. was thinking about adding more star stable members etc. to this page and if you want to contact me and be added to this page. my e-mail is the following. my jabber xmpp gaijim is the following. thank you. hyperlinks and downloads jabber xmpp gajim program for windows-os. jabber xmpp register with n|e-mail |jabber xmpp gaijim psi-im-plus pidgin|instagram|starstable| 0|| |anapnoyer|Ana Ponyer| >>AMA Q&A FAQ - ask me anything questions and answers frequently asked questions. >why did you make this site? to contact others in places where the chats are censored. so they can simply look up my name on there and find me. >"what is jabber xmpp?" it's like e-mail for instant messengers. >"what is gajim?" gajim is an instant messengers for jabber xmpp. >"why don't you use something else?" most other things require a cell phone number to make a new account. i don't have a cell phone. and i don't want want. because they use it to track you. it's bad. >"but no one will use jabber xmpp but you." worth it. i am the greatest hipster of all. i'm not even trying. thank you